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Translate Requis to your preferred language
Translate Requis to your preferred language

Google Chrome makes it easy to use Requis in other languages

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The default language in Requis is English. Using Google Chrome, Requis users can translate all content, including buttons, to over 50 languages.

Please see below Requis guidelines on translating the pages. Or, you can reference Google support following this link.

Guidelines to translate your default browser to a language other than English

If your Google Chrome browser is set up in your local or native language - Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, or Italian for example - you will be able to translate the entire Requis website, including buttons and menus, in just just a few clicks.

Steps to translate:

  1. In Requis, locate the Google translate icon on the right side of the URL address box and click it. If you do not see it, follow this link to download the Google Chrome extension and pin it for easy access.

  2. Select your language.

  3. Make sure to select the always translate check box (if you would like to always translate content to your preferred language).

For example, Requis can be translated to Spanish:

Guidelines to translate your default browser from English to another language

If your Browser is in English by default, you can still translate all Requis content by adding your preferred language to Google Chrome.

Please follow the steps below to add the new language and make it available to the Google in browser translation.

Steps to add your preferred language:

  • Open Google Chrome

  • Click on the vertical three dots in the top right corner

  • Then go to Settings

  • You will be redirected to your Settings page. Then, click on Advanced in the left hand column.

  • Under Advanced, click on Languages.

  • The Languages menu will appear in the middle of your screen. You'll want to open the Languages section by clicking it.

  • Toward the bottom of the section you will see, Add languages, in blue. Click Add languages and select the language of your choice.

  • Lastly, click Add.

You can now log into Requis using Chrome:

  • Look for the Google translate icon on the right side of the URL address box and click it.

  • Click on the three vertical dots and select Choose another language, and choose your preferred language.

  • Click Translate to validate the selected language.

  • You may also get Google Chrome to translate English automatically to your selected language by checking the Always translate English.

  • You're all set.

Feel free to browser our Help Center for more article. Make sure to log in as some articles are only available to logged in users.

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